From our social media conversations, we've felt the pain of folks who had their heart set on going to Glastonbury only to miss out on a ticket in the October sale.


How does two VIP tickets to Bestival, accommodation in one of our Superior Bell Tents, plus a shopping trip with festival queen of style Daisy Lowe sound?

As you may already know, working out food and beverage arrangements for the hotel is one of our favourite things to do. It can be tough on the waistline, but we're prepared to endure to ensure we have great eating and drinking options for our guests.

If the romance of canvas isn't for you and you prefer your hotel room to have four walls, a solid door and more of a downtown vibe, read on.

Hidden deep in a beautiful forest in the rolling hills of Kent, yet overlooking the bright lights of London, Lovefit Festival arrives this July.

The Pop-Up Hotel is delighted to announce it will be taking its unique style of transient accommodation to Italy in 2017 with the launch of The Pop-Up Hotel Italy.

We're hiring! If you have time to spare over the summer months and you're likely to be in Glastonbury or the South West for the summer, this could be for you...

Our list of pop-ups for 2017 is steadily growing and so far includes several festivals, corporate team building events and an overseas project which we're super excited about (but that's for another day). With private parties and some wonderful weddings on the cards, it's looking like a humdinger of a summer.

So we've had the first bout of ticket sale blues or euphoria, depending on how you fared in the ballot so until re-sale in Spring, we're free to indulge in the year long game of Glasto Guess Who and to watch the line-up and headliner rumours play out.