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Luxury Glamping
VIP Festival Accommodation

Since 2011 we’ve given our guests unforgettable experiences by creating destinations in some of the most stunning British locations and at the UK’s best festivals and events.

Our Rooms

Luxury Glamping

For those who enjoy the freedom that comes with camping, but don’t want to compromise when it comes to their home comforts, glamping is the perfect option for your next trip away.

Whether you’re preparing for a five-day weekend at Glastonbury or settling down for some quality time with your other half, our luxury glamping pitches are the perfect location to help you enjoy your break in style and comfort.

Classic Room


A British built quality canvas 4.5 / 5m Bell Tent furnished with mattress, bedding and lighting suitable for up to 4 persons.



Quality canvas 4.5 / 5m Bell Tent furnished with proper beds, bedding and lighting suitable for up to 4 persons.

Traditional Yurt


Traditional ethnic yurts, 12/14/16. Suitable for up to 2/3/4 Persons (14′ Yurts SOLD OUT)

Emperor Deluxe


Quality canvas 6m x 4m Emperor Bell Tent furnished with proper beds, sofa, bedding and lighting suitable for up to 4 persons.

Gypsy Caravan


Beautiful hand painted Gypsy bow-top caravans suitable for up to 4 persons

Emperor Plus


A quality canvas 6m x 4m Emperor Bell Tent furnished with proper beds, bedding and lighting suitable for up to 6 persons.

Luxury Yurt


Classic ethnic yurt with a touch more luxury synonymous with Glastonbury. 14’ suitable for up to 2 persons.

Safari Tent


Safari tent with covered porch and vintage furnishing / lighting suitable for up to 4 persons

Railway Carriage


A one off and perfect for those wanting an unusual experience – Suitable for up to 2 persons.



For those who are seeking a simpler, beautifully designed, en-suite option for up to 2 persons.



This iconic American trailer has space for 2 people and comes with everything you need to make your stay special

Hideaway Hut


Cabin with solid wooden walls and a glazed frontage. Featuring a living/sleeping space, an En-suite bathroom. Suitable for 2 guests.

Safari Suite


Safari tent with en-suite shower room and toilet, covered porch and great furnishing / lighting suitable for 2 persons

Junior Suite


Our new Junior Suite is a simple, perfectly designed, en-suite option ideal for up to 4 persons.

Hideaway Suite


Cabin with en-suite shower room and toilet, covered porch and great furnishing / lighting. Suitable for 2 persons

Junior Tenthouse


Tented pavilion with living area and 3 bedrooms, suitable for 6 persons.

Junior Tenthouse Suite


Tented pavilion with living area, bedrooms & private en suite bathroom for 4 persons

Hideaway Cabin


Cabin with solid walls and a glazed frontage. Two bedrooms with proper beds and high quality linens. Fully equiped bathroom. Suitable for 4 persons.

Junior Cabin Tenthouse


Tented cabin with solid walls, glazed frontage & beautiful tented roof. Proper beds, high quality linens and fully equiped bathroom. Suitable for 4 persons.

Principle Suite


A perfectly designed multi room en-suite option for up to 8 persons.

Raj Tenthouse Suite

Beautiful tented accommodation with living area, en-suite shower with 3 or 4 double/twin bedrooms suitable for up to 8 persons.

Our Restaurants, Bars & Facilities

From small 20-cover bistro-type set ups, to larger 100 cover restaurants and guest lounges/receptions with stunning interiors and floral installations – we do them all!

Each set up is carefully curated to suit the destination or event we are popping up at, and we’ve built pools, hot tubs and full-service spas.

Our Restaurants, Bars & Facilities

Luxury glamping is the ultimate way to enjoy sleeping under canvas, without all the normal issues that come with traditional camping.

No more will you have to worry about putting up a tent yourself, being cramped sleeping on the floor, or trying to get a good night’s sleep in an uncomfortable sleeping bag.

With our luxury glamping UK sites, you can enjoy all of the normal daily luxuries from a tent that will feel more like a hotel than a standard tent.

At The Pop-Up Hotel, we’re dedicated to giving our customers the hotel experience, with the fun of camping thrown in the mix. So if you want to spend a glamorous weekend away, or find a hideaway to retreat to after a long festival day, our glamping accommodation will become your home away from home.

We have a huge range of luxury glamping rooms that are designed to please every type of camper; from the ones who want the quintessential camping experience under canvas to those who want to live the life of luxury in our glamorous hideaway cabins.

We strive to give all our customers a truly experiential stay that makes them feel connected to the world around them. Through our stunning coastal sites, fabulous festival accommodation, and woodland escapes, we’re able to provide a wonderful stay every single time.

All of our options, from the iconic American Airstream to the traditional Yurt accommodation all come with the signature The Pop-Up Hotel elegance and charm. So, pack your bags, and prepare to be treated like royalty whenever you come and pay one of our rooms a visit.

Whether you’re planning to escape with your partner, or want a fun-filled weekend for the whole family, our rooms can house anywhere from 2 to 10 people.

There’s nothing quite like the experience of camping outside in the great outdoors to bring your family together, but that doesn’t mean you have to all be cramped into one small tent.

Our family glamping options will give you all the space you need to relax and unwind during your time spent away from home. With proper beds and fully-furnished rooms, you won’t have to worry about your kids complaining about their sleeping arrangements.

Choose one of our rooms that are designed for four or more people and bring your family along for a holiday none of you will ever forget.

Our glamping sites offer all the luxury of a hotel from the comfort of a relaxed and peaceful camping ground. Depending on the site you choose, you can enjoy on-site restaurants, bars, and spa facilities to help you get the most out of your stay.

Perfect for festival goers, our sites feature the modern luxuries that you need to feel like yourself again after a busy day at a festival. Come back in the evening after seeing your favourite performers and enjoy a dip in the pool, a relaxing massage in the spa, or just a chat with your friends in our guest-only bar area.

Or, if you’re coming to one of our camping grounds for a long weekend, we’ve got hot tubs, entertainment, and delicious food that’s sure to make you – and your family – feel right at home.

Each of our set-ups is designed to suit the destination we’re popping up at, so sometimes you may benefit from a hot tub, and at others, you may get the opportunity to do some laps in a full-sized pool.

Our facilities will change depending on the event and location so, if a hot tub is a real selling point for you, just ask and we can let you know if we’re planning to include one in the setup at your location.

But, even if you don’t get a hot tub, we can promise you a range of luxury facilities and amenities that will enhance your stay and give you that truly pampered feeling.