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The Pop-Up Hotel: In The News

Following a spectacularly sun-kissed Glastonbury Festival last month, The Pop-Up Hotel hit the headlines around the UK and beyond, earning our reputation as the Glastonbury insiders’ favourite luxury glamping spot to recharge and recuperate during the iconic British festival.

Throughout Festival Week, we welcomed a number of journalists and photographers to the Hotel, all tempted by the prospect of experiencing our luxury glamping combined with all the comfort, service and facilities reminiscent of a boutique hotel. Guided by our PR team, media were given a tour of the Hotel’s facilities including the spa and wellness offering, bar and restaurant space and, most importantly given the amount of glorious sunshine we were blessed with, the sparkling swimming pool! Interestingly, the first two people to jump into the pool this year were both journalists from The Times.

In the run up to Glastonbury Festival kicking off, we had a number of media requests for interviews with our Managing Director, Mark Sorrill, which resulted in features in The Daily Telegraph and Evening Standard.

Other glowing reviews featured in The Daily Mail, The SunLadBible, The Mirror, Metro, The Scotsman as well as a whole host of regional newspapers across the UK and beyond. Notably, House & Garden featured us in the prestigious Best Luxury Festival Accommodation feature and the Financial Times’ FT Weekend gave us a mention. Video footage of the Hotel even aired on ITV’s Lorraine Show, where the renowned TV host expressed her intent to attend Glastonbury Festival next year.

As Mark points out, “It’s exciting to see the tremendous media interest in The Pop-Up Hotel this year. The Pop-Up Hotel continues to captivate and establish itself as the epitome of luxury festival accommodation, leaving a lasting impression on those who have the pleasure of staying with us. By the time we opened our doors, the Hotel site looked nothing short of spectacular, a real testament to the dedication of our exceptional team of over 100 staff members, who tirelessly worked together to curate this extraordinary experience.”


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Helicopter charter flights

We’re delighted to be working with Voler Aviation Services Ltd who provide helicopter charter flights for guests wanting to miss the traffic and arrive in style.

Voler – known in the industry for their customer focused service – are the ideal partner for this service. With an extensive twin engine fleet in the Cotswolds, London and Harrogate – geographically they have all bases covered. The service doesn’t end when you land either. Once safely on the ground you will move through our private arrivals lounge to pick up your private chauffeur driven shuttle service for the short distance to our hotel arrivals reception.

We are also exploring a ‘shared’ charter helicopter charter service to offer a more cost effective way of flying in.

With a dedicated single point of contact you can discuss your requirements and agree a bespoke, tailored to your needs plan. Please get in touch below.

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If you’ve got the helicopter side of things covered and are looking for a landing pad only option then enquire below to let us know your requirements.

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