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The Pop-Up Hotel’s 2023 brand partners: The Perfect Blend For Success

At The Pop-Up Hotel, we believe that creating memorable experiences is a collaborative effort, and we are very grateful to have had the support and partnership of some amazing brands on board for 2023’s Glastonbury Festival week. 

As Mark Sorrill, our founder explains, “Our brand partners have been part of the secret sauce that made The Pop-Up Hotel’s recipe for success at Glastonbury this year. Through their exceptional products and unwavering support, they’ve added a pinch of excitement to our extraordinary experience. The Pop-Up Hotel continues to captivate and establish itself as the epitome of luxury festival accommodation, leaving a lasting impression on those who have the pleasure of staying with us.”

2023’s brand partner lineup included: 

Artah: nutrition on a mission

Award-winning supplement and nutrition brand, Artah, was created with a simple mission – to help people improve their health. Artah was available to hotel guests at The Pop-Up Hotel Spa. 

Burt: Hey Burt! 

Making its Glastonbury debut this year was The Pop-Up Hotel’s exclusive new tent, The Burt. Conceived and designed in Cornwall by Mark Sorrill with luxury glamping in mind, The Burt is a cross between a traditional bell tent and a yurt.

Canvino: A grape success 

Canvino’s naturally sparkling Italian wine, passionately crafted to taste as good as they look, was served up to our guests upon arrival at The Hotel from Canvino’s custom-built van. Cheers to Canvino for adding that extra sparkle to our arrival experience!

DIRTEA: Steeped in Success

We’re steeped in gratitude for our partnership with DIRTEA! DIRTEA’s delicious mushroom coffee brewed a storm of satisfaction among our guests. At one point we even spotted two journalists from The Times sipping DIRTEA Espresso Martinis in the wood-fired hot tubs .. 

Elemental Gin: Stirring Up a Spirited Affair

A big thank you goes out to Elemental Distillery Co. for their premium gin and vodka selections which delighted our guests with their distinctive flavors. The Elemental Distilling Co creates small batch, award-winning spirits using traditional methods at its family run distillery  in Tregonetha, in the heart of Cornwall. 

Emily Scott: A taste of Cornwall at Glastonbury  

Emily is a chef, author and creative director of her restaurant Emily Scott Food in Cornwall. Emily and her team worked tirelessly with the Spook team to deliver The Midsummer Eve Supper at The Pop-Up Hotel on our opening night. As the sun set, guests enjoyed highlights from Emily’s feasting menu, including Scallops baked in their shells with Fortnum & Mason miso & seaweed butter, Monkfish roasted over open coals, and a Helford Blue pickled walnut and parmesan bakewell tart with Fortnum & Mason honey along with other treats. 

Falco: Sailing away in style 

As part of this year’s new Boat Yard installation at The Hotel, a new electric “Oyster Punt” by Falco, was exclusively unveiled during Festival Week. Designed and hand built in Cornwall with sustainable boating in mind, Falco has traditional handbuilt wooden decks that can be rowed or powered by an electric motor. 

Fortnum & Mason: Best of British

Headline sponsor of our sumptuous opening night feast, The Midsummer Eve Supper at The Pop-Up Hotel, Fortnum & Mason is an iconic brand celebrated for its teas, Scotch eggs, handmade chocolates, and wicker hampers – each of which play a large part in its centuries of history – and today remains committed to imagination and discovery. 

Gozney: Heating Up the Culinary Scene 

Gozney was the “hottest” partner in the kitchen, bringing all the heat and sizzle of cooking over fire to our culinary experiences. With their exceptional outdoor ovens, chefs Brad Carter and John Chantarasak cooked up a storm over two evenings with guests’ suppers fired up with flavor.

Lords of Water: Quenching Thirst in Style

Lords of Water has been our knight in shining armor, keeping guests hydrated with their exceptional canned water. Their commitment to sustainability has made them the lords of refreshment, ensuring our guests were always in the “flow” of a great experience!

Mash Gang: Flavor anarchists

A visionary no-alc brewery forged during lockdown by a collective of former band members, tattooists, streetwear designers, and even Elton John’s photographer, Mash Gang supplied their finest creations: Stoop and Chug at The Pop-Up Hotel this year. Both providing the perfect respite during sun-drenched festival days, it’s little wonder they’ve been crowned the UK’s Best New Brewery. 

Neom: A scentsational touch 

Neom scented The Pop-Up Hotel with their luxurious aromatherapy products, turning every corner into a sanctuary of tranquility. Their fragrances cast a spell on our guests, leaving them feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Ojo De Dios: Weaving magic 

We were privileged to have Ojo De Dios as part of our pop-up hotel experience this year. Bringing a touch of Mexican celebration to The Pop-Up Hotel party, Ojo De Dios is an authentic and innovative Mezcal. 

Richie Norton: And breathe …

Richie, founder of AdaptXplore Experiences and The Strength Temple ran a hugely popular breathwork session for The Pop-Up Hotel’s guests which harnessed the power of breathwork and mindful movement to reduce the risk of injury, manage stress, improve breathing mechanics, mobility, flexibility and strength. 

Sea Magik: Making Waves of Wonder

As the official spa partner of the Pop-Up Hotel, Sea Magik provided mineral-infused amenities (hair care, skincare and body care) for every guest. They also created magical wellness experiences with the Soul Circus Spa, combining holistic massage treatments with yoga and wood-fired hot tubs to soothe the mind and the soul. Festival-goers enjoyed late-night soaks in four Sea Magik healing mineral-salt hot tubs infused with a signature salt to Calm (Magnesium), Soothe (Dead Sea), Restore (Epsom) and Uplift (Pink Himalayan).

Soul Circus: A runaway success 

SoulCircus was this year’s Spa & Wellness partner at The Pop-Up Hotel and the team worked hard to seamlessly deliver a whole host of relaxing and energizing treatments for hotel guests including wood fired hot tubs and saunas, a dizzying selection of massages, reflexology, reiki and facial treatments, wellness group sessions and a whole menu of hair and beauty options.

Spook London: Purveyors of the delicious and the tasty 

The Pop-Up Hotel’s 2023 bar and restaurant partner, Spook London, one of London’s most acclaimed event catering companies brought its ingredient-led menus for Glastonbury glamping guests to enjoy during their stay. 

Tios hard teas: Tea + Cocktail in one 

Tios hard teas proved to be a hit among our guests, providing them with delightful refreshments throughout their stays. Their creative concoctions have turned every sip into a delightful surprise. Tios drinks, thanks for adding a twist of flavor to our hotel experience.

Wild Idol: Idol-worthy  

Wild Idol’s premium, alcohol-free sparkling wines were served in the bar and restaurant throughout Festival Week. Vegan, gluten-free and low calorie, Wild Idol is designed to be enjoyed by the most discerning of drinkers.

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We’re delighted to be working with Voler Aviation Services Ltd who provide helicopter charter flights for guests wanting to miss the traffic and arrive in style.

Voler – known in the industry for their customer focused service – are the ideal partner for this service. With an extensive twin engine fleet in the Cotswolds, London and Harrogate – geographically they have all bases covered. The service doesn’t end when you land either. Once safely on the ground you will move through our private arrivals lounge to pick up your private chauffeur driven shuttle service for the short distance to our hotel arrivals reception.

We are also exploring a ‘shared’ charter helicopter charter service to offer a more cost effective way of flying in.

With a dedicated single point of contact you can discuss your requirements and agree a bespoke, tailored to your needs plan. Please get in touch below.

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