We are super excited to announce that our Spa and Wellness partner for our Glastonbury Festival site this year is Soul Circus. This ‘marriage’ will undoubtedly result in a memorable stay for guests and we can’t wait.

Soul Circus, for those of you who are not familiar, have been providing wellness services to festival goers both in the UK and abroad. Their own festivals which run between May (Ibiza) and August (the Cotswolds) have gone from strength to strength which is testimony to their guest centric approach and drive for peak performance on all fronts.

They count Moët & Chandon and Mude amongst their partners so, it’s safe to say, we’ll be amongst friends.

Soul Circus have big plans for our Glastonbury site this year – plans that will see a boutique spa and wellness offering far in excess of anything we’ve had previously. We’re hoping that guests treat their Glastonbury stay as an experience in its own right making the most of the early / slower festival days to unwind and, generally, get festival ready. Then, during the more hectic festival days, guests can take the opportunity to make sure that they look and feel their festival best and after a busy day in the festival fields recharge ready for the next. Repeat. Repeat.

It’s an impressive line up which includes wood fired hot tubs and saunas, a dizzying selection of massages, reflexology, reiki and facial treatments, wellness group sessions and a well thought through menu of hair and beauty options. There’s a real danger that you won’t want to go home.

For those who like to be organised and hate to risk disappointment bookings are now open. You can make bookings yourself or drop subtle hints to loved ones for birthdays or special occasions because, let’s be honest, pyjamas are mostly forgettable whereas most of what’s on offer here definitely won’t be.

The Pop-Up Hotel 2023 guests can book their wellness and spa packages on the Soul Circus website here.

We hope that you’re as excited as we are.