And whilst occasionally it's enough to make you wish that you could expand your space, the confinement has for some of us, brought the realisation of how in 'normal' times, work, travel or responsibilities often prevent us from spending quality time with our special people.

The notion of a return to 'normal' times is also no longer a sure thing. After this experience, who can say what normal will be? For many people, this necessary change in circumstance has lead to a different perspective on time and how we spend it; in essence changed priorities and a re-shaping of values.

So, this has set us thinking about how we might be able to support that once lockdown is over, once the daily grind begins again. What's taking shape is something akin to a great British safari, where as part of a small group, as a couple or even by yourself, you escape to an unfamiliar setting and just soak it all up.

We're thinking along the lines of a special escape that will enable a couple, small group of family or close friends to spend time together just being, enjoying each other’s company and experiencing somewhere new.

We're thinking a long weekend break in stunning locations, where you won't need to travel for too long, but will be far enough away to leave the daily grind behind. Private places that aren't always open and available to the public - imagine a country estate, a private beach front or a lakeside retreat, where you simply immerse yourself in where you are and enjoy whatever activities your surroundings offer.

Where traffic, crowds and To Do lists fade into a different dimension and where conversation, relaxation and slow living come to the fore.

We’re thinking a light-footed exclusive mini pop-up with beautiful tented, or other Pop-Up detached room types, where you can sleep under star-studded skies and relax in comfort. The rooms would be scattered over a wide area allowing groups, families or couples to keep social distance and ensure privacy or a romantic getaway of their very own. And because we appreciate there are degrees of enjoyment in getting back to nature, lovely en suite bathroom facilities are a given.

Another imperative is delicious dining, whether that's sampling the local fayre, or candlelit dinner on the beach, perhaps hosted by one of our talented culinary partners, or by a renowned local who knows the lay of the land and how to get the best from it. A central catering facility set-up could deliver pre-ordered drinks and meals to your door and subject to restrictions you could eat together as a group or in/outside your own room or suite.

Overall we're thinking space and time to spend in good company, experiencing the new and different and creating memories that will go on long after the getaway is over. Location-wise we’re working on an exciting new concept that would offer up a whole range of unique and unusual room and location options.

So for now, as well as enjoying family time, we're using these weeks to dream and plan, to search out beautiful settings and one-off experiences that we hope will offer a unique backdrop to spending special moments together in times ahead. Watch this space....