Glastonbury is one of the most iconic and popular festivals in the world, which can sometimes make getting a ticket extremely difficult. Although Glastonbury plays host to around 200,000 festivalgoers every year, more than 2.4 million people tried to get tickets last time they were up for sale – so the odds aren’t exactly in everyone’s favour. If you’re hoping to secure your Glastonbury 2023 tickets and avoid missing out, here are some of our tips that can guarantee your spot at one of the most sought-after music festivals.

1. Make sure you are prepared and ready when tickets go on sale

The day Glastonbury tickets come out is a big day for the festival calendar, and it’s a day when you really want to be on the ball. So get an early night, skip the heavy night out with your friends, and make sure you’re up bright and early to be the first to get your ticket – a coffee in hand wouldn’t hurt either. You should also double-check that you’ve got enough money on your card to pay for your tickets, nothing could be worse than securing your tickets, only to get your card declined at the last step.

2. Work as a team with your friends

You may struggle to get yourself and all your friends a ticket when you’re trying to do everything by yourself, so we always recommend working as a team with the people you want to go to the festival with. Make sure that all your friends know each other’s registration numbers and postcodes, as you’ll need to input these details to secure your tickets. Set up a group chat and keep each other updated during the morning, this way you can know straight away when someone has been successful with their tickets, and you can finally relax and get excited for the big weekend!

3. Perfect the booking process

Booking tickets for anything can be stressful, but there’s a whole other layer of pressure when you know you’re one of 2.4 million people scrambling to get these must-have tickets, so going through the whole process correctly is extremely important. Make sure all your devices are fully charged beforehand, then you can choose between two approaches: the one tab, multiple browsers option, or the one tab, one browser approach. Glastonbury says that you shouldn’t attempt to buy tickets using multiple browser tabs as this can confuse the ticket sales process and leave you empty-handed, so to play it safe we’d recommend following their advice. After refreshing until you finally get through to book, you’re allowed to secure 6 tickets per transaction by paying a deposit of £50 per person. Make sure to fill in all your details and double-check them before confirming, this is a really important part, and you wouldn’t want one mistake creating any issues for your tickets further on down the line. Once everything is complete, just wait for the money to be taken out of your account, and then it’s time to celebrate!

4. There’s always the resale

If you weren’t lucky enough to get your Glastonbury tickets during the general admission day, all hope is not lost – there’s normally a re-sale in the Spring. It may involve lots of waiting, but it’s not uncommon for people to realise they can’t attend and return their tickets, so there should be a good opportunity to snap some tickets up just in time for the festival. Keep on checking the Glastonbury website and other Glastonbury news sites for any updates on the specific dates of the re-sale so you’re the first to know.

5. Get to Glastonbury by volunteering

If you’ve exhausted all your options to buy tickets, there’s always the option to go to Glastonbury for free (almost) instead! Charities are always looking for people to volunteer over the long weekend and will pay for your ticket if you apply to help them. Although this will mean having to do some work over the weekend, it is a good way to get your ticket if you have no other options. For most charities, you’ll be expected to work three eight-hour shifts over the five days which, although it is a big chunk of time, any time you’re not working is completely free for you to do with what you want. Volunteers will also often get access to a private campsite, free meals, and hot showers. The only catch is that you will have to pay a £280+ deposit when you sign up to be a volunteer, but you’ll get this back if you complete all your shifts and follow the charity’s guidelines.

6. Apply to take the coaches

Getting your spot at Glastonbury may feel impossible, but if you want to get two chances of securing your place you should think about applying to take the coach to the festival. This method will effectively give you a second chance to get your tickets, and it just means that you have to take the coach to the festival from one of the designated pick-up spots.