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Actress in residence: Lapassalal Jiravechsoontornkul

We’re thrilled that you’ve decided to stay with us again for Glastonbury festival 2023 – what was the biggest factor in you making the decision to come back?

I would say that the biggest factor for my return to The Pop-Up Hotel is the ease and the comfort of the hotel. It is also a short walk from the festival. For me personally, I really need a clean bed and a nice warm shower in order to rejuvenate and re-energise in order to give 100% at the festival!!!

It really has everything you need in order to make your Glastonbury experience smooth, comfortable, and luxurious. I would like to give a big shout out to the staff as well, everyone was super friendly giving of really great vibes from entering The Pop-Up Hotel to departing on the last day. They really made our stay special and one of the reasons we would love to come back.

What did you love most about your room?

My comfy bed with proper bedding and en-suite shower meant that I really got the most out of my festival experience. I had a great nights sleep and felt fresh and ready to do another day. For me, if I don’t feel my best then it impacts my enjoyment.

Any packing tips – what will you be taking more / less of next year?

I’d say layers and, even though it’s summer and the days can be super warm, it can still get chilly at night so definitely a nice warm jacket.

Every year we try to make our hotel site just a little bit more ‘wow’ (it is getting tough though) – what was your favourite part?

It was all great but if I had to pick then definitely the Spa and the Salon. It helped me prepare for the festival and also helped me relax and rejuvenate afterwards.

Many guests head straight for the pool particularly when the weather is hot. Did you take a dip or do any lounging?

Sadly I didn’t have a chance to take a dip or do any lounging at the pool. I’m going to make it a priority next year so fingers crossed it’ll be ‘pool weather’.

Full festival days and a lot of partying must have made you hungry. Did you get a chance to check-out our restaurant and bar and, if so, what did you like about it most?

The food and cocktails we had at the hotel were great and, again, helped with getting ready for, and recovering from, the festival. The vibe was great and a great alternative to the hustle and bustle of the festival itself.

We like to host a couple of welcome evenings before the festival gets into full swing – did you have the opportunity to partake and, if so, how was it for you?

I was too late this year but I heard great things about them so I’m definitely planning to get there earlier next year.

Our spa and wellness centre is hugely popular with guests who want to feel and look their festival best. Did you get the opportunity to visit? Will you be sampling the spa in 2023?

Definitely – it’s essential for looking and feeling your best and therefore having THE best time at the festival.

What was you favourite part of the 2022 festival and what / who are you hoping to see in 2023?

I’d have to say the people. The vibe and the atmosphere at The Pop-Up Hotel and the wider festival were amazing. I met so many amazing people whilst I was there. The line up was also incredible. I’m an old soul so I love all the classic acts such as Sir Paul, Noel Gallagher, Jack White. Next year I would like to see The Who or ACDC but that might be wishful thinking.

Any hints / tips for Glastonbury first timers both for the festival and for staying at The Pop-Up Hotel?

My advice would be to study the maps and have a plan. Take pictures of how to get back! It will help a lot because things can be tricky when you’re ‘tired’. Also, stay hydrated and wear proper hiking shoes!

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