Corporate event Accommodation

Our team has extensive experience in delivering the very best temporary accommodation design, management, production and services.  We have worked with top brands and events to create the event accommodation to their specific requirements.  Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today to learn how our team can create the best solution for your event.

Below are some case studies of projects that we have produced for corporate clients beginning with WeWork Summer Camp  which is a gathering of 2,000 employees of the multi billion dollar US company joined by 3,000 WeWork members later in the event.  This is the largest corporate accommodation set up we have delivered to date.  

    • Client: WeWork - Summer Camp
    • Location: Eridge Park, Kent
    • Date: Summer 2017
    • Rooms: 650 pre-erected structures, with additional self pitch allocations
    • Other project aspects: Management or contractors, and build process, maintenance of the structures and set up during the live run.
    • Guests: 2,000 WeWork employees and 3,000 WeWork members 
    • Our role: Planning, provision of all rooms, Management of all build aspects of the room structures on site including project management.
    • Working with the WeWork team we developed an excellent offer with a diverse range of roles including procurement and managing our team of contractors.

Mobile Network "Binge Retreat"

We were asked to design and produce a unique "Binge Retreat" for a mobile phone company, including site design and room/infrastructure production.  This innovative idea incorporated rooms spread in a "clock face" form around a centre common guest area incorporated in a large Yurt.  Walkways led to the unique rooms each representing a major network TV show.

    • Client: Agency/Mobile network in conjunction with Electronics manufacturer and TV Network
    • Location: Osterley Park, London
    • Date: Summer 2017
    • Rooms: 15 units, arranged in a clock face, each decorated to represent a prominent TV show, both externally and internally.
    • Other project aspects: Reception structure, decked walkways, fencing, infrastructure, chill out structure.
    • Guests: Press and public, overnight stays and day retreats for online binging
    • Our role: Site design/planning, provision of all rooms, and infrastructure, including power, water and waste.  Management of all build aspects on site including project management, heath & Safety and guest reception team.  Procurement of framed cladding to create custom external walls for each room.

New Car Launch for Luxury Motor Brand

The provision of a substantial hotel incorporating solid room structures for a major luxury car brand.  Our team were brought in to deliver the specialist service of room and services provision for the accommodation.  After initial consultations we located and secured a preferable site adjacent to the racing circuit and then designed the set up to suit.

    • Client: Agency/Major Luxury Car Brand for the launch of a new Model at Goodwood Festival of Speed
    • Location: Goodwood Motor Circuit
    • Date: Summer 2017
    • Guests: Press and motor brand executives
    • Rooms: 94 popup rooms and suites
    • Other project aspects: Infrastructure, toilets and showers
    • Our role: Site acquisition, CAD design/planning, provision of all rooms, and infrastructure, including power, water, waste, toilets and showers within a marquee area.