Corporate Events

We deliver the very best temporary accommodation design, management, production and services, working with top brands and events to create the event accommodation to their specific requirements.

WeWork Summer Camp  which is a gathering of 2,000 employees of the multi billion dollar US company joined by 3,000 WeWork members later in the event.  This is the largest corporate accommodation set up we have delivered to date.  

We were asked to design and produce a unique "Binge Retreat" for a mobile phone company, including site design and room/infrastructure production.  This innovative idea incorporated rooms spread in a "clock face" form around a centre common guest area incorporated in a large Yurt.  Walkways led to the unique rooms each representing a major network TV show.

The provision of a substantial hotel incorporating solid room structures for a major luxury car brand. Our team were brought in to deliver the specialist service of room and services provision for the accommodation. After initial consultations we located and secured a preferable site adjacent to the racing circuit and then designed the set up to suit.