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Netflix/3 Hotel “Binge Retreat”

We were asked to design and produce a unique “Binge Retreat” for a mobile phone company, including site design and room/infrastructure production.

This innovative idea incorporated rooms spread in a “clock face” form around a centre common guest area incorporated in a large Yurt. Walkways led to the unique rooms each representing a major network TV show.
  • Client: Agency/Mobile network in conjunction with Electronics manufacturer and TV Network
  • Location: Osterley Park, London
  • Date: Summer 2017
  • Rooms: 15 units, arranged in a clock face, each decorated to represent a prominent TV show, both externally and internally.
  • Other project aspects: Reception structure, decked walkways, fencing, infrastructure, chill out structure.
  • Guests: Press and public, overnight stays and day retreats for online binging
  • Our role: Site design/planning, provision of all rooms, and infrastructure, including power, water and waste.  Management of all build aspects on site including project management, heath & Safety and guest reception team.  Procurement of framed cladding to create custom external walls for each room.

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