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Glastonbury Retreats: Our Top 6 Options

With over 200,000 attendees descending onto the grounds of Worthy Farm every year, Glastonbury is easily one of the biggest – and most important – festivals of the year.

Although there’s more than enough to do and experience over the long weekend, you may find yourself in need of some time away from the busy crowds, constant entertainment, and humming nightlife.

If you’re trying to plan your options for your visit to the popular festival, here are some of the perfect Glastonbury Retreat locations we recommend taking some time out to see.

The Pop-up Hotel spa, wellness, and pool retreat

When you think of festivals, you’re probably imagining yourself knee-deep in mud, sleeping rough in your tent, and not being able to shower for longer than you’d like.

However, what if we told you there was a way to enjoy all the luxury of a hotel, from the Glastonbury campsite?

Even if you’re not a guest of the hotel, you’re still able to visit for a day and make The Pop-up Hotel your own personal Glastonbury Retreat where you can truly unwind. Take a moment away from the hustle and bustle of the festival, take a dip in the pool, and enjoy some professional spa and wellness treatments.

This oasis of pure bliss is the ultimate way to make it through the festival weekend without feeling tired, groggy, and burnt out. Book a day pass to this retreat and you’ll gain access to all the facilities, including spa treatments and food – what else could you want during a festival?

The Healing Field

If you want to take a moment to connect with yourself and get some serious chill-out time, The Healing Field is an iconic Glastonbury location that shouldn’t be missed.

During the weekend, a number of workshops are held in the space including Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, and massages which are all completely free to sign up for and take part in. Whether you’ve got a quick gap between acts on the stages, or you want to take a whole afternoon out for yourself, this is an extremely relaxing space to spend your time.

The healing atmosphere that surrounds the field is what makes this site so special, designed to bring together people from many different spiritual paths, this inclusive area is welcoming to everyone.

Stone Circles

Whether you’ve been to Glastonbury every year or set up to go for your first time, you have probably already heard about the iconic stone circles that overlook much of the festival site.

If you want to stay close to all of the action, but want a bit more space to stretch your legs and chat with friends, this is a beautiful chilled zone to be in. Listen to the buzz of the music coming from the stages below and enjoy the happy chatter of festival-goers around you in the natural grassy area.

Although there are no specific activities or events that happen in this area, it’s often not as busy as some of the other areas around the farm, which is why it’s such a popular spot to hang out for chilled-out festival attendees.

The Green Field

Glastonbury is known for being a festival that deeply cares about the environment and sustainability, which can be seen through all aspects of the popular festival site.

One area that is particularly known for championing green voices and standing up for our planet is The Green Field, a section of the site that remains a place of sanctuary and inspiration for people to share creativity and individual freedom.

Join like-minded eco-warriors by making a visit to this area. There’s plenty to do in this Glastonbury Retreat including finding your tribe in Tipi Field, listening to new ideas in Green Futures, and learning traditional skills in Green Craft Field.

With the essence of peace and tranquillity in the air, this is the location where you will find all the festival hippies as well as people who want to reconnect with the world around them.


Bringing your children to a festival is a brilliant experience, but not everything in Glastonbury is always designed to excite the little ones as much as the adults.

If you’re looking for a Glastonbury Retreat that you and your children can enjoy together, there is no better place than Kidzfield; a section of the site that is specifically designed for children – and parents.

With CBeebies stars gracing The Big Top, free music lessons in the Muzikademy, and crafts that your kids can get stuck into, you can sit back and watch your children have some fun.

The Glastonbury Sign

The signature Glastonbury sign is more than just a place for a quick photo opportunity but is surrounded by grass where you can sit and take a look down at the festival below.

Perfect for enjoying the fun of the festival away from all the busy crowds, you can enjoy a conversation with friends, play some games, or just chill out and enjoy some of the food from the incredible stalls dotted around the festival site.

If you’ve been to the festival before, where is your favourite Glastonbury Retreat?

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We are also exploring a ‘shared’ charter helicopter charter service to offer a more cost effective way of flying in.

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