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Part of the fun of the festival is to go with the flow and discover new weird and wonderful experiences as you wander, but it can be useful to have a bit of insider info.  Want to know how to optimise your chances in the ticket ballot, hear the latest rumours on headliners, or what's not to be missed during Glastonbury? Keep an eye on our  Glastonbury Insider's Guide; we'll be curating the latest tips, news and gossip.



The first ticket sale happened in early October with the 135,000 tickets selling out in 50 minutes.  A limited number of returned tickets are put up for re-sale - usually in the Spring time, so if you were unlucky in the original sale, there is a second chance.  Read our tips on optimising your chances of getting tickets.


Pop Up Hotel music

Glastonbury Festival headliners announced so far are Radiohead for Friday 23rd June - Saturday and Sunday headliners yet to be announced.  The Glasto rumour mill has started though, here's our latest round-up of Glastonbury Headliner contenders. The full line-up isn't usually revealed until around March time. 

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Rumours on Glastonbury 2017 line-up and headliners

So we've had the first bout of ticket sale blues or euphoria, depending on how you fared in the ballot so until re-sale in Spring, we're free to indulge in the year long game of Glasto Guess Who and to watch the line-up and headliner rumours play out. 

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