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Cadland is an extra special location and with beach front glamping opportunities as rare as hens teeth, so we’re super excited to be popping up there.

We’ve teamed up with a local providers in the locality to offer our guests an exciting range of water based activities including kayaking, sailing lessons and the hugely popular paddle boarding.  Having an expert on board means that activities can be better tailored to a range of experience levels - children, adults, beginners and the more experienced.

Some of the activities will be available from the beach and a wider selection will be available nearby.

It’s not compulsory of course, but we’ve all got family members who wants to go full speed whilst we sit quietly enjoying the peace and quiet with our book.

It’s also the ideal opportunity to try something new in a safe environment.

The full list of activities and prices will be available to book soon and we’ll be keeping our guests up-to-date as we firm things up.

See you on the beach.