Glastonbury Festival has always been close to our hearts. Apart from being avid Glasto go-ers way before the concept of The Pop-Up Hotel was even thought of, it was also our very first festival pop-up, in fact it was our very first ever pop-up.

The rumours are flying.... Fleetwood Mac, Taylor Swift, Elton and Paul McCartney.. speculation is rife. But just at the moment, it's not necessarily the rumoured headliners that are top of mind for a Glastonbury Wanna-go. Right now, it's all about the ticket.

Well, the dust has settled on Glastonbury Festival and we've had time to take a breath and look back over what is for us, one of the most exciting, crazy, white knuckle inducing, sleep depriving, smile producing times of the year.

If you're arriving early for Glastonbury Festival, you may, after scouring the festival map and touring the site to get your bearings, find yourself with a little time on your hands.  

Being as close as we are to Glastonbury we try to keep an eye on what's going on officially and an ear to the ground to catch any rumblings from the local rumour mill. We thought we'd share a fast five minute update on the latest...

October is a magical time in the Glasto go-ers calendar; the line-up rumours are flying, we're already wondering what the weather will be like, thinking ahead about what we'll wear and wondering where we're going to sleep..... and on top of that - ticket sale day is on the horizon.

Flower power, braids and 80's eyes are just some of the favoured festival looks this year. And we have it on good authority...

There's nothing like a braided up-do, on point make-up, or a touch of glitter to ensure you stand out from the crowd when it comes to festival season.

Hotel guests often arrive before the big weekend to get in early and make the most of their stay. But what to do on those evenings before the festival action starts in earnest?