In the run up to every Glastonbury, it seems the world is waiting to see the line-up; who will take to the infamous stages, especially the revered headliner and legend spots.

One of the things we’ve noticed over the years is that when people are sharing Glasto memories, they tend to use the acts as the reference for which year it was – a bit like Friends, the one where Rachel quits, or the one where Joey speaks French - the year when the crowd sang Sweet Caroline louder than Neil Diamond, the year Rodrigo and Gabriella strummed up a storm. 

So we asked the Pop-Up team about some of their favourite acts and why. What came back was enlightening; some were bands that you just would never have imagined that person listening to (looking at you here Mark), some were all about the music (as you might expect) and some were chosen as they accompanied memorable moments. 

See whether you remember any of these:

In 2013, the legend that was Kenny Rogers lit up the Pyramid stage and supported by the great weather that year and some moreish Somerset cider, left a lasting impression on Mark’s Glasto memory bank.

Another of his favourites, shared by Vicky, were the Saw Doctors on the Avalon stage, possibly 2010. This was the second time of seeing them live for Vicky so luckily she knew every word to every song including ‘To win just once’, although we prefer Vicky’s ‘Two injured swans’ version.

She also remembered Jamiroquai who played in what was then the Jazz field, back when you could camp there too, so really chill. She remembers giving everyone the benefit of her fabulous singing again (strange and magical how everyone becomes brilliant singers at Glasto).  

Jack would have to go with Metallica in 2014 - one of his favourite bands growing up and the only time he’s ever seen them live, so quite a special year. They didn’t disappoint and played all his favourite classics.

Andi went with The Killers in 2019 for their absolutely amazing performance. She loved that they brought on The Pet Shop Boys and Johnny Marr, plus, it was the last Glastonbury that we’ve been able to go to - those halcyon days!

A favourite for Sam was Coldplay in 2016 - the ultimate show as they were brilliant live. Sam remembers the electric atmosphere and a feeling of everyone being brought together for a smile-inducing moment, illuminated by the infamous LED wristbands. Their tribute to Mohammad Ali was also beautiful and the whole set was a rollercoaster of emotions. 

Another 2016 headliner from Niki - Adele owning the Pyramid, despite being what was classed an ‘intriguing choice’ for a Saturday night headliner. She connected with a massive crowd that you could probably hear singing along on the Somerset borders. 

A warm summer evening in 2009 with Blur is a definite favourite for Warren. They’re a band he thought he’d never see live as they had split up a few years earlier. They really seemed to enjoy themselves rather than going through the motions (as some do). A fitting way to end a festival that had Neil Young and Bruce Spingsteen headlining as well and the best overall three day line up.

Interesting choices. If you had to pick just one favourite Glasto musical moment, what or who would it be?