Glastonbury Festival has always been close to our hearts. Apart from being avid Glasto go-ers way before the concept of The Pop-Up Hotel was even thought of, it was also our very first festival pop-up, in fact it was our very first ever pop-up.

In 2011 we set up for the first time next to the Apple Tree Inn and the following year moved across the road to our current spot alongside the festival, saving our guests the peril of crossing the busy road.  

Just for clarity, we're not part of the festival, which is why we can't provide tickets or set up inside the festival boundaries, but we enjoy our autonomy and our position on the edge. 

We think we have a great location with an easy turn off the main road into our own secure parking right alongside, with buggies to transport our guests and their luggage to their accommodation.  

The walk into the festival is easy - a gentle 10 minutes or so from the hotel door to the closest pedestrian gate - no steep hills to climb, no steps, no roads to cross, or the need for a shuttle (the majority drop off at Bronze gate which is also about a 10 minute walk to the closest pedestrian gate). 

We're close to the action, but far enough away to offer some space and peace when feet are weary and a shower is the order of the day and as we're self-contained, we have our own water supply, so it's always on tap.  

Our bar, restaurant and salon offer some welcome rest and relaxation for a bit of downtime away from the craziness and our guests tell us that they like that; especially when we have a glorious Glastonbury. We all love a sunny festival, but there are times when a comfy seat and a cool drink in the shade are all you can think of. And on the flip side, we are talking English summer here, so there's always (whispers...) the chance of rain... and when it rains, you know the score. Whilst we're not immune to the weather, we do offer a mini haven where you can leave the Glastonbury mud behind and give your wellies a well earned rest. 

We know that we're not everyone's choice - that people do love coming to the festival and being in the thick of it all the way through, but our aim is to provide a great boutique stay for people who want to go that route; our rooms are beautifully furnished for comfort, the showers and loos are the best you'll find in a field anywhere, our en-suite accommodation is specially designed and where else would you find a pool (let's all think sunshine!) 

We're one of the longest standing glamping providers around the festival and some of our guests return year after year. We're looking forward to welcoming them and first time guests in 2020 to enhance what is likely to be one almighty 50th anniversary festival celebration.