With a limited amount of tickets on offer, use our 5 step guide to improve your chance of getting to Glastonbury Festival 2016.

Starting on the 1st October 2015, hoardes of music fans will be attempting to buy tickets for the ultimate music festival. One simple slip-up can wreck your chances of experiencing the phenomenal Glastonbury Festival. 

1. Get registered

Before tickets go on sale, you need to register. Once tickets go on sale, you will need your registration details to buy your tickets. Click here to get registered or to check if your registration is still valid. If you registered before 2010 you will need to register again.

2. Only buy tickets from the official ticket agencyglastopyramid1

Beware of people selling fake tickets. Every ticket for the festival is personalised to the ticket holder and cannot be "sold on". Seetickets is the only place to buy the official tickets.

3. 2nd time lucky

If you miss out on the first round of ticket sales, don't despair. Early in 2016 further tickets will become available. Keep checking the official Glastonbury Festival website as there will still be huge demand for these tickets.

4. Consider your transport options

Don't ruin your #glasto16 experience by not considering your travel arrangements. The organisers preferred mode of transport to the event is cycling. Want to know how? Check out their dedicated "Bike To Glasto" page here.

If cycling is not a practical option for you, then consider using public transport. This is a popular option so book your train or coach tickets early.

If you have to drive, consider car sharing to help reduce your carbon footprint. Listen to Worthy FM when you get close for traffic updates. The official Glastonbury Festival website will also carry the updated traffic situation.

classic room5. Accommodation 

Many will experience Glasto camping in its "full glory", you've heard the stories right?! Although you have already paid for this in your ticket price, you will need to bring your camping gear.

Make sure you choose accomodation that suits you! There are plenty of options - From camping with the masses or pitching up in one of the quieter grounds on site, to opting to do it in style in a Tipi or Bell Tent. Not that we're biased, of course...Table service anyone?