October is a magical time in the Glasto go-ers calendar; the line-up rumours are flying, we're already wondering what the weather will be like, thinking ahead about what we'll wear and wondering where we're going to sleep..... and on top of that - ticket sale day is on the horizon.

It has to be right up there on most festival go-ers top ten most stressful hours. In just a super fast half an hour, all the coach package tickets were snapped up and the general admission tickets were gone in just 50 minutes in 2017.

So how do you give yourself the best chance of bagging that golden ticket?

Firstly, make sure you get the ticket low-down. Full details are laid out on the festival website, but here's the basics:

  • Make sure you're registered - you can't buy a ticket without being registered.
  • Key ticket dates are:
    • Coach travel and ticket - 4th October, 6pm.
    • General admission - 7th October, 9am.
    • Ticket balance payments due - 1st April 2019 to 7th April 2019.
  • When tickets go on sale, you can pay a deposit for up to 6 tickets per transaction.
  • If you're buying tickets for other people too, you'll need their registration numbers and postcodes at the time of buying.
  • If you're buying coach package tickets, you'll likely be asked for the departure town and day, so you'll need to make sure that you've agreed this with everyone in your party and have all the information before you get started.

Here's a round-up of tips on how to give yourself the best chance of ticket success.

On ticket sale day, particularly for general admission tickets, make sure you're bright and breezy and 100% on the ball - we know Saturday night might be your big night out, but not when there are Glastonbury tickets at stake the following morning.

Work as a team. Make sure every member of your group has all the details so that everyone can try. But communication's key here - work out a system so that you know when someone's been successful.

Ensure that there are sufficient funds on the card you intend to use and that you know the security information for that card.

Use as many devices as you can, we've read that tablets can be a good choice because they can sometimes connect better to the internet.

Make sure all your devices are fully charged so that you don't get cut off at the crucial moment - can you imagine!

Don't dismiss the coach package option as there may be less competition. In previous years, the tickets have been distributed en route, so be prepared to actually catch the coach.

One tab, multiple browsers; or multiple tabs, one browser; or the one tab, one browser approach - there are conflicting views, but the festival is clear. It advises not to attempt to buy tickets using multiple browser tabs as this can "confuse the ticket sales process and cause your transaction to fail."

Refresh, refresh, refresh!

If you get through to the stage where you're asked to enter your details - be very careful not to make mistakes. Speedy but precise is the way to go.

And don't think you have those golden tickets in the bag.... until you have. And when you have, then it's time to celebrate. And if haven't, maybe consider keeping your fingers crossed until the re-sale in Spring - the jury's out on that one.