Being as close as we are to Glastonbury we try to keep an eye on what's going on officially and an ear to the ground to catch any rumblings from the local rumour mill. We thought we'd share a fast five minute update on the latest...

  1. Arcadia's giant spider won't be lighting up the skies with jets of flame this year, but don't be too downhearted. It's said that Arcadia are working on something just as huge and awesome that according to Emily Eavis is quite radical and raises the bar! Apparently it has involved a lot of time spent in scrapyards and will evolve over the next 5 years - skywards. One to check out.

  2. 10 tonnes of plastic is being collected as we speak from Somerset, Devon and Cornwall beaches and parks. It will be recycled to create the Gas Tower dance arena to highlight how much plastic there is in circulation and that it should be recycled and put to good use. Vendors on the site won't be selling anything in single use plastic bottles either. If you want to see the project in action, you'll find the Gas Tower, artists and electronic DJs in Shangri-La (and those of us in the South West will find our beaches a bit less littered).

  3. Local artist Stanley Donwood has come up with another cracking design for the Glastonbury Festival 2019 artwork. The pic that usually takes pride of place on the Glastonbury Press, cotton bags and tee-shirts is called The Shelter of A Dream and features famous landmark Glastonbury Tor under a red clouded moonlit night sky.

  4. As well as a giant Victorian Pier, a women only stage and a new and bigger centrepiece for Block 9, the Greenpeace Field also has a brand new interactive installation called BEAM. Sensors will be monitoring the activity of bees on Worthy Farm and these signals will be sent in real time to BEAM and expressed as light and sound. A live bee colony experience - don't miss it.

  5. Glasto's Emerging Talent Competition was won by singer songwriter Marie White who'll be performing on one of the main stages as part of the prize (Acoustic stage, Sunday 30th we think). And after listening to Marie we're already big fans. Check out Marie singing Blue Jumper - well worth a listen.