Well, the dust has settled on Glastonbury Festival and we've had time to take a breath and look back over what is for us, one of the most exciting, crazy, white knuckle inducing, sleep depriving, smile producing times of the year.

On our site at the edge of the festival we prepared the ground, installed lovely showers and flushing loos; set up our rooms; created a bar, lounge, salon and restaurant from scratch; placed the wild spa; checked in, looked after and checked out guests and then took the whole lot down again, returning the site to grass.

In figures:

  • we spent a total of 32 days on site transforming field to festival accommodation and back again
  • a team of around 115 people worked hard on production, catering, guest services, concierge and housekeeping, spa and salon facilities (as well as all those from service companies who pop on and off site to help us keep things running smoothly)
  • our sweet smelling guests lathered their way through 45,000ml of divine Bramley shower gel and shampoo
  • we welcomed guests into 220 pop-up rooms of all shapes and sizes
  • our talented interiors team rounded up a large herd of sofas and easy chairs into just the right
  • 5 large fans brought in mid-event to try to offset the heat
  • more emergency ice runs than we care to count
  • and countless G&Ts were sunk.

All of which takes a considerable amount of effort, organisation and collaboration. So huge thanks to team pop-up in its widest sense, for your hard work and good company. And we couldn't make everything work without the commitment and support of our partners, service providers, musical and creative folk. So thanks a million.

TPUH Glasto 19 blog matrix

Thanks also to our guests; it was such a pleasure to welcome back those of you who have stayed with us before and we were thrilled that many guests had chosen a stay at The Pop-Up Hotel as part of their first ever Glastonbury Festival experience.

We all enjoyed the glorious sunshine, loved hearing about guest's festival highlights and of course, thoughts on what they loved and what we might do next time around. We've taken our place at the edge of the festival since 2011 and every year we pick up valuable feedback that helps us shape our future pop-ups.

We're already working on Glastonbury 2020, the festival's 50th anniversary - it's going to be a cracker and we hope to see you there.