The rumours are flying.... Fleetwood Mac, Taylor Swift, Elton and Paul McCartney.. speculation is rife. But just at the moment, it's not necessarily the rumoured headliners that are top of mind for a Glastonbury Wanna-go. Right now, it's all about the ticket.

Here are some of the tips that we've heard can help to bag one...

On ticket sale day for general admission tickets, make sure you're bright and breezy and 100% on the ball - give Saturday night out a miss this week, there are Glastonbury tickets at stake!

It's best if you can work as a team. Make sure every member of your group has all the details so that everyone can try to get through.

Communication is key - work out a system so that you know when someone's been successful. A WhatsApp group could work.

Make sure there are enough funds on the payment card you're using and that you know the security information for the card. Sounds obvious, but we're sure it wouldn't be the first time someone's got so close only to fall at the payment point.

Make sure your devices are fully charged so that you don't get cut off at the crucial moment - can you imagine! We've read that tablets can be a good choice because they sometimes connect better to the internet.

One tab, multiple browsers or the one tab, one browser approach - there are conflicting views, but the festival is clear. It advises not to attempt to buy tickets using multiple browser tabs as "Attempting to book tickets online using multiple browser tabs can confuse the ticket sales process and cause your transaction to fail. We strongly advise that you use just one browser tab when trying to book tickets, in order to avoid possible problems with your transaction."

Refresh, refresh, refresh?

You can book up to 6 tickets per transaction by paying a deposit of £50 per person.

If you get through to the stage where you're asked to enter your details - be very careful not to make mistakes. Speedy but precise is the way to go. You'll need the registration number and postcode for each person and you may want to have them ready to copy and paste, rather than try to re-type.

There's full information about tickets on the organiser's website including some new info so make sure to check it over. Glastofestfeed also has an article of hints and tips that might be worth a look.

And try not to celebrate too early - make sure that the money has actually gone out of the account before you do your happy dance. After all, this is Glastonbury - anything can happen. And if you are successful - decision time: camp or glamp?

Best of luck!