Our previous guests will know that we are committed to working with some of the best in class for our food, drink, spa, beauty, and entertainment offerings.

A Pop-Up Hotel key lets you in to so much more than just your room (okay so it may not be an actual physical key for a canvas room, but you get the drift). There’s a lot more on offer.

One of the best things about Glastonbury Festival is that there’s something for everyone, no matter what your musical preference may be, what type of food you eat or whether you want to gather with friends.

In the run up to every Glastonbury, it seems the world is waiting to see the line-up; who will take to the infamous stages, especially the revered headliner and legend spots.

Glastonbury is always one of the key events of our calendar, it's right on our doorstep and  was our very first major pop-up. As locals, we've been going to Glastonbury Festival for years - it's close to our hearts.

Just 250 days to go until Glastonbury 2022 at the time of writing and as usual around this time of year, the rumour mill is warming up nicely. The pondering and pontification are an essential part of the slow burn build up to the big experience.  

Christmas is literally just around the corner and if you're anything like us, you may feel as though there's still a lot left to do before the main event, including some gifts to sort. We may be able to help out with a 10% discount off a stay with us in 2021.

The Pop-Up Hotel and breathtaking Cadland Estate join forces to launch The Pop-Up At Cadland; a stunning sea-view glamping site with plush rooms, private beach, bar, restaurant and beach cabana.

And whilst occasionally it's enough to make you wish that you could expand your space, the confinement has for some of us, brought the realisation of how in 'normal' times, work, travel or responsibilities often prevent us from spending quality time with our special people.