Corporate, Weddings & Special Events

We deliver the very best temporary accommodation design, management, production and services, working with top brands and events to create the event accommodation to their specific requirements. We have also been privileged to provide the infrastructure and bespoke accommodation for a number of celebrity weddings and exclusive parties on private estates: Unique and complementary to the location.

We were asked to design and produce a unique "Binge Retreat" for a mobile phone company, including site design and room/infrastructure production.  This innovative idea incorporated rooms spread in a "clock face" form around a centre common guest area incorporated in a large Yurt.  Walkways led to the unique rooms each representing a major network TV show.

  • Client: Agency/Mobile network in conjunction with Electronics manufacturer and TV Network
  • Location: Osterley Park, London
  • Date: Summer 2017
  • Rooms: 15 units, arranged in a clock face, each decorated to represent a prominent TV show, both externally and internally.
  • Other project aspects: Reception structure, decked walkways, fencing, infrastructure, chill out structure.
  • Guests: Press and public, overnight stays and day retreats for online binging
  • Our role: Site design/planning, provision of all rooms, and infrastructure, including power, water and waste.  Management of all build aspects on site including project management, heath & Safety and guest reception team.  Procurement of framed cladding to create custom external walls for each room.