The following additional terms and conditions apply to bookings for accommodation in respect of Cadland Pop-Up. (This should be read together with our general terms and conditions.) 

  1. The booking for Rooms for Cadland Pop-Up is for the selected time period referred to as the ‘break’ or ‘booking dates’ for these terms and conditions. A ‘break’ starts from 4pm on a Friday or Monday and ends on 10am on a subsequent Monday or Friday. 

  2. Rooms for Cadland Pop-Up are only available for the full break / booking date period selected.

  3. Rooms should be booked for members of the same household.

  4. All health and hygiene measures for COVID-19, including social distancing, must be adhered to at all times. You must follow all reasonable directions from us in this regard. If you are ill from COVID-19, or have tested positive to COVID-19 within 14 days from the start of your first booking dates, you must not come to Cadland Pop-Up. Please see cancellation policy below.

  5. A Deposit equal to 20% of the room Price must be paid at the time of booking.

  6. We require the room Price to be paid as follow:
    a) 50% of the room Price by 31st March 2021. For clarity, Deposit you have paid counts towards the amount due by this date;
    b) The full balance of the room Price outstanding must be paid four (4) weeks before the start of the booking dates. This is the Final Payment Date for the purpose of our general terms and conditions.

  7. No refund will be provided irrespective of the length of your actual stay. E.g. if you choose to arrive on a later date or depart on an earlier date than the booking dates.

  8. We are not liable to you for any event beyond our reasonable control, nor for any loss of profit or other indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any other claims however they arise. If you are concern about such eventualities, we suggest you obtain suitable insurance.

  9. Cancellation Policy. Our general cancellation policy applies. Under that policy, you may cancel your booking up till the Final Payment Date and we will refund 50% of the deposit that you have paid. No refund will be provided after the Final Payment Date.

    However, we will provide a full refund (less a small administrative fee) if you are unable to stay at the booked accommodation because:
    a) you (or a person who will be staying at the booked accommodation) have fallen ill to COVID-19 or have tested positive to COVID-19 within 14 days before the first date of your booking; or
    b) you are unable to travel to the booked accommodation due to nationwide lockdown, stay-at-home order, or other similar COVID-19 travel restrictions.

  10. We do not accept responsibility for the loss or damages of any personal possessions. You are advised not to bring any items of value with you to Cadland Pop-Up.

  11. You must only use the specially marked walkway or path in our campsite. You must not go behind the tents or similar structures as there could be wires, ropes or other support infrastructures that could be hazardous.

  12. Parking is only permitted in the recognised car-park.

  13. No self-catering – only food and drink purchased on site is permitted.

  14. No fires or BBQs are permitted on any part of the Cadland estate.

  15. The accommodations at Cadland Pop-Up is provided by Destination Pop-Up Limited, company registration no. 12967014.