Overseas potential concepts

Taking the Pop-Up concept overseas to explore wonderful locations and experiences.

  • We are currently discussing a number of very exciting opportunities to locate our Pop-Up Hotels in Australia, The Maldives and the Caribbean, to name only a few of our possible barefoot luxury resorts.

    One of our key objectives is to enable each guest to really connect with the environment. To accomplish this, the restort hotel rooms and suites must integrate with the natural habitat, using impermanent, but sympathetic structures.

    Whilst we have historically been known for our tented rooms, we are looking at a range of interesting options including eco pods, tented cabins, airstream trailers and somewhat surprisingly, converted shipping containers.

    The impact of the hotel on the environment of each resort location will be minimal, as the luxury rooms will be fabricated in such a way, that they may be removed when the pop-up is concluded after a week, month, season or even perhaps few years…