• End Of The Road Festival

    Accommodation for the Festival from Safari Suites to Raj Tenthouses

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Accommodation for End of the Road

We have another fabulous festival to add to our 2017 menu and we are so excited. End Of The Road Festival is held at the Larmer Tree Gardens, Dorset from 31 August to 3 September.

  • The End Of The Road has a unique atmosphere, relaxed and friendly but serious about music. The site is designed in a way for festival lovers to enjoy. The beautiful pleasure gardens at Larmer Tree form an ideal place to create a woodland wonderland, strewn with art installations and decorated spaces.

    End Of The Road try to make sure that everything on site is the way that they like it: good but not crazily expensive food (organic and local where possible), a wide range of local ales and other drinks at the bars, and caring and well mannered staff. There is a musical edge to almost everything on site with the literary and film programmes being rich in musically-related material.

  • As a pop-up hotel our rooms combine the romance of glamping with some of the services of a boutique hotel. We are excited to have our rooms included in the End Of The Road line-up.

    Each room includes:

    • Full linens and towels/toiletries for each guest
    • Battery powered lighting
    • Framed beds with mattresses and linens
    • Deckchairs outside each room
    • Clothing storage
    • Fully carpeted flooring with rugs
    • Furnished dining/living areas in the tent-houses, including sofas, dining table and seating.


We have selected a range of our most popular room types for this special festival, please roll over the image for a summary and booking, or click the room name to see further details.

Please note these prices include DO NOT include festival tickets.