Classic Room/Deluxe Room

Our Classic Bell Tent will transport you to wherever your imagination will let it and will create amazing memories for you to fondly look back on.  Steeped in history the bell tent has been used in an array of circumstances over many years but always to provide shelter and comfort. The Pop-Up Hotel Classic Bell Tent goes many steps further and will provide its discerning guest with comfort and style only usually found in exclusive boutique accommodation. It includes:

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  • Classic Room contains:

    • Space for 2 adults
    • Option of up to 2 additional guests (extra charges apply)
    • Full linens including duvets and pillows
    • Room lighting
    • Carpeted floor
    • Aero queen double mattresses
    • Storage
    • Cushion seating
    • Power supply (not suitable for hairdryers)*
      *Power supplied at Glastonbury ONLY


    In addition the Deluxe tent has a rigid framed bed

Room details are dependent on event and may change slightly. Please check the room detail on the booking page for full details of your accommodation for the event you are booking.